1. W

    QUESTION 2REP and Eye glasses

    On the ''Ultimate Eye Glasses/Vision'' thread, OP said that, if you wear glasses, you can forget 2REP. However, i found this picture on the ForeignLegion.Info website of a Legionnaire wearing glasses on the CEA of the 2REP. So, are glasses still a no-go for the 2?
  2. boss

    2 REP training - Calvi march 2018

    From COMLE_DRPLE A Calvi, les légionnaires du 2eREP se préparent pour un saut : concentration, faisceaux, équipez-vous ! embarquez !... vol... go ! assaut !
  3. R

    2REP Questions/Megathread

    So I have a few questions about the 2REP. I know some of these have been answered before, as the REP is literally THE regiment to many wannabes, but those threads are over a decade old xD My thought is to make this thread sort of like the one on 1REC (started by Stoeng iirc) - a thread with...
  4. R

    Combat Sports in the Legion

    Hello guys! Just a random thought. I'm pretty serious about combat sports. I've trained in boxing, kickboxing and MMA intensely over the last 3-4 years and had a few amateur fights. Does the Legion offer combat sports training? I've seen clips of boxing and BJJ in 2REP. Still, what other...

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