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  1. X

    ANSWERED Joining The Legion

    Introduction, I am a young man who has always worked in restaurants. Story, Career went south with the pandemic and lost all the work I had. Used the time to obtain GED in order to join the US military. All went well enough until they asked for medical records. Hospitalized once as a result...
  2. K

    QUESTION Some questions about medical and advices

    Hello all, first of all I'm genuinely sorry if this was the wrong place to post this. Just warn me if that is the case and I'll gladly delete this post. I checked previous posts on this subject but decided to post a new one because I'm getting anxious. I'm 22 years old, very fit and a sportsman...
  3. W

    Questions for those who did not get through selection

    Hi everyone, I have looked through the forum and there are a few mentions of the big reasons for being turned away, but I am looking for a little more detail. For those of you that have been through selection and did not make the cut, what were some things you could have changed to make it go...
  4. E

    Botswana guy eager to enlist

    Hello Any current or former legionnaires to give advice? Want to join in May. Im from, Botswana (Africa). athletically im just okay. im no superstar. ive basically tried venturing into a lot of things with n success. and obviously like most aspiring recruits ive had one or two brushes with the...
  5. S

    Hello everyone... Introducing myself and had two small queries

    Introducing myself - I'm a 23 year old guy from India. I plan to join either before or after Christmas. Training more for stamina and endurance these days (long walks and runs). I've also been reading up a lot about the Legion. The posts here are have been very informative, hence a thanks to...
  6. T

    I need some advice about my knee problems.

    TOO LONG; DIDN'T READ version: KNEES=OUCH! Join Legion or don't? Surgery OK or not? Just to kinda reintroduce myself, I'm formerly of the US Army (for about 3 months) due to some knee problems that popped up, pretty much out of nowhere, during the first few weeks of basic training. In...
  7. D

    Hello and a serious question for "Anciens"

    I've been scouring the forum for quite a while now and have decided that I'm going to give it a go and try to join the FFL at the end of April, probably right around Camerone. I have a question for the people who'd know... If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to join...