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    QUESTION Help me please?

    Is there anybody from India or South Asia or any Asian country who made the trip to France for the purpose of joining the Legion?If so could you please help me plot out the best,cheapest routes?I'm at my wits end and the Legion is the only place where I know I can make a career for myself and be...
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    ANSWERED Probation

    Hello everyone I’m forced 1987, (forced into existence in 1987),if anyone was wondering about the name. I am going to join the legion I Understand it’s a selection process i am taking this 100% serious and am getting fighting fit. My buddy is currently on probation for getting into a fight with...
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    QUESTION us airborne

    Hi I'm new on here. I was us airborne for 11 years 2 years special operations but I ruptured my spleen during training. making me un fit for SF duties and went back to a airborne infantry unit. I have no mobility problems and no Health problems. I want to strive for more I would love to make...
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    TB Vaccine and USMC Boot Camp past

    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm a naturalised US citizen, desiring a clean slate, and thinking the Legion is the best place to do it; to me, leaving my dysfunctional family behind, learning a new language, and possibly gaining a European citizenship sounds great...