applicant with questions.

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    ANSWERED Probation

    Hello everyone I’m forced 1987, (forced into existence in 1987),if anyone was wondering about the name. I am going to join the legion I Understand it’s a selection process i am taking this 100% serious and am getting fighting fit. My buddy is currently on probation for getting into a fight with...
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    QUESTION us airborne

    Hi I'm new on here. I was us airborne for 11 years 2 years special operations but I ruptured my spleen during training. making me un fit for SF duties and went back to a airborne infantry unit. I have no mobility problems and no Health problems. I want to strive for more I would love to make...
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    TB Vaccine and USMC Boot Camp past

    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm a naturalised US citizen, desiring a clean slate, and thinking the Legion is the best place to do it; to me, leaving my dysfunctional family behind, learning a new language, and possibly gaining a European citizenship sounds great...

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