1. T

    QUESTION Trading Patches

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade patches? I have some french and African patches but want some FFL patches. I am willing to trade American patches.
  2. T

    QUESTION Shaving in French Foreign legion

    Hi, Im thinking about joining FFL. Been in IDF infantry and last few years instructed in Ukrainian special forces. My actual questionis: can I be allowed to shave with electronic shaver not steel one? Its a small but important fir me question since ite out of religious considerations
  3. S

    Getting kicked out of US Army

    Hello everyone, A little less than a year ago I enlisted in the US Army as a 18x SF candidate. Went to OSUT, airborne school and the prep course for special forces selection. During this time the background investigators found something in my past that I lied about in my security clearance...
  4. X

    Brazilian wannabe

    Good morning everyone! I've been following the forum for some like 8 years, but recently made the final decision. I'm Brazilian, from São Paulo, 28 years old, bjj practicer and I'm going next year. Before this I have issues to settle here, cover some tattoos that should not have been done, and...
  5. C

    Ex-British Army Infantryman, looking for lost love.

    Hi all, I've been lurking for awhile now and have taken a lot in. I didn't really think I would go for it but have now decided I will give it a shot. I haven't run in a few months and haven't researched what colour toothbrush I should take. I think if I do go it will be next week, what's the...
  6. Nickfury

    (New Article): Larzac, upgrading the installation for the 13e DBLE will cost €115M

    In French, Obviously. Cut and past link into Google Translate if you want to translate it (badly) into your native language. ;) Larzac : L’installation de la 13e Demi-Brigade de Légion étrangère coûtera 115 millions d’euros
  7. V

    ARMY Other than Honorable Accepted?

    Hello All, I am a former US ARMY reservist who received an other than honorable discharge 3 years ago. I had NO misconduct or drug charges. I was unable to attend drills due to financial reasons and requested a transfer to a unit closer to my home. Basically the CO led me to believe the...
  8. S

    Joining question

    Firstly I would like to apologize if something similar to this has already been asked. I am curious as to whether the following would be a conceivable plan. If i was to study undergraduate economics in the United States (Virginia military institute) I will be 22 when I graduate, from there...
  9. O

    I need an explanation

    I'm a third year cadet of the military college in Argentina, I'm in communications... Once a year recently graduated officers of almost every country come to Argentina to visit the military college and spend some vacations here. I would like to know why the recently graduated French officers...