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  1. Joseph Cosgrove

    From Sidi Bel-Abbès to Aubagne

    I received this from Ossie O. in it's original French. I thought I would share it as it may come in useful for those who are joining, have joined and those who are retired from. For those going to join, it will look a bit better when you go in front of the interviewer 'gestapo' telling them that...
  2. M

    Some clarifications

    Hello to all members of this forum! I'm new on this forum , but I read many many topics about and I found very useful information. I'm 18 years old and planning to go to France on May 28 this year. I have a few unanswered questions. • I can run 10 km in 55 minutes , i can do 15 pull-ups pretty...
  3. W

    Questions for those who did not get through selection

    Hi everyone, I have looked through the forum and there are a few mentions of the big reasons for being turned away, but I am looking for a little more detail. For those of you that have been through selection and did not make the cut, what were some things you could have changed to make it go...
  4. B

    Hello from California U.S.A.

    I am a 22 year old American, I left from California on a one way flight to Marseille, France on March 12th, 2015 and got there on March 13th. I quickly took a bus to the train station in Marseille and got on a train to Aubagne. The Legion recruiting station was about a 10 minute walk from the...
  5. Z

    You must read this!

    Hello everyone, I'm 18 years old and i want to join foreing legion. Whole my life i trained to become a legionnaire. I know martial arts,i run ultramarathons 111km,i know to use rifle and gun,i know to dive,i climbe to mountain,i do specific training like crossfit,i am very fit.This is my...
  6. Oleg84

    Tried, Failed.

    Been there for two days, did my medical and sport tests and was shown the door. The Chinese Cpl in charge told me that I was too fat and that if he had been in at the reception he wouldn't have even let me in to try. I am 186 cm and 95 kilograms. There isn't much fat on me but I really could...
  7. SwampPearl

    Selection Experience Stories

    I did some searching around for peoples experiences during the FFL selection and I found two well written stories about their time at Aubagne. I know these stories are already on the forums, but I thought it might be easier for people to find them in one thread...
  8. Dante Alighieri

    Oldest Volunteers?

    The Legion (officially) recruits up to age 40, depending on a range of factors. I'm nowhere near that old (32), but was wondering if the Anciens on here could offer up the oldest they've seen going through the selection and training process? I have seen on here a couple of 35 yr olds failing...