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    QUESTION Learning French and Military Service

    I’ve done the search on the forums and wanted a more clear answer. Apologies in advance for the time you gentlemen will take in helping clarify this. 1. I’ve downloaded the “Babbel” app and have begun practicing basic French vocabulary and pronunciation in preparation. However I don’t feel as...
  2. J

    Choice of deployment?

    If I wanted to be assigned to a certain place like French Guiana or Mayotte how would I go about doing so? Where will I be least likely to see combat? Most likely? Anywhere but that ******* hellhole Afghanistan... Thanks in advance guys.
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    Which is the easy Regiment?

    Ok so spent a few hours on the forum and read a bunch of information. Pretty much every question answered. Except one... For a guy who is looking to spend 5 years in the military but not interested in James Bond, eating glass, jumping out of planes and stepping on snakes in the jungle type...

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