1. Joseph Cosgrove

    Weapons and military equipment

    As ordered by Le Petit Caporal.
  2. S

    QUESTION Communications and hearing protection equipment (ear pieces) used by the French Foreign Legion

    Hello everyone, my name is stellar. i want to ask in regards to the comms and hearing protection equipment sed by the Legion. the reason I'm asking is that I have cauliflower ears, an ear deformity caused by practicing/ training combat sports in particular Judo, Wrestling, and Jiujitsu. A couple...
  3. K

    purchasing your own equipment

    Dear all: I recently read a diary of an ex-legionnaire. He mentioned that after he was assigned to his regiment (in his case 1er REC), they were allowed to purchase their own equipment (he bought knife, tactical vest etc.) So here I have a question: what kinda equipment do you have to...

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