1. J

    Just a newbie seeking for help and info.

    Um..can any1 tell mw what should i do..i'll turn 19 next june ill be going there before june as an 18 yr old and im 6'2 with 92kg of weight i can run for 6-7 km not that hard and i just have started practising.something im curious about is i have never done a pull up but i can do some push ups...
  2. Chval

    The Ultimate EYESIGHT / EYEGLASSES Thread. (once and for all).

    Okay: I wear glasses, all the time. I just finished basic training at Castel. I understand how much anxiety people with glasses would have before they go to join la Légion. And I also understand how annoying it is seeing stupid threads asking the same question about eyesight over and over...