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  1. M

    QUESTION Medical

    I went to get a physical cause I have this lump on my abdomen. My doctor told me that its call a lipoma. He told me it's just a build up of fatty tissue much like a cyst. Anyone that would know about medical be able to help me if this will get me disqualified. This is what google says a lipoma...
  2. B

    Bonjuor ! Thank you the helps!!almost a life story...

    Bonjour! Im a 23 years old guy and i have a dilemma : i do drugs few years ago amphetamin sometimes and marihuana 14 years old marihuna to 20 years old and a few times amphetamin i have a lot of trouble in my life like my dad falls out rooftop in work and he cant walk (but he few years later...
  3. P

    QUESTION Nose surgery and FFL

    I was recently disqualified from the regular army due to some kind of deviation in my nose, i was told to get surgery to fix it and then i can re-apply. I'm thinking about not going back to army but instead i would like to try FFL, would it be possible to join FFL after the nose surgery?
  4. T

    QUESTION Shaving in French Foreign legion

    Hi, Im thinking about joining FFL. Been in IDF infantry and last few years instructed in Ukrainian special forces. My actual questionis: can I be allowed to shave with electronic shaver not steel one? Its a small but important fir me question since ite out of religious considerations
  5. G

    Hello from Hungary!

    Hello everyone! I'm writing this because i want to ask questions, get advice,tips&opinions. I'am 23 years old (soon 24, jun 5) from Hungary. I'm 191cm and 78 KG at the moment. I was always intrested in military life, but i think all of you had the same feeling. I would like to give a chance to...
  6. R

    Left handed shooting

    Would I be allowed to shoot left handed in the FFL? I know in the British forces, everyone shoots right handed.
  7. W

    Bonjour from South Africa

    Good morning members. Young gentleman from South Africa here, hoping to join the FFL in Spring 2018. Have no military background (besides military camps in School), in the tech industry, healthy, fit and almost ready to make the travels happen. Have always wanted to be part of the military and...
  8. U

    Medical training

    I've been planning to join the FFL after college for over a year now. I picked up an EMT class a couple months ago, and am actually near the top of the class because I've found it super interesting. Anyway getting to the point, does having that sort of training make it more likely they'll send...
  9. weinberger

    Question regarding enlistment at 17

    Hello, you can call me Weinberger, I'm new to the forum, however not new to the Legion. When I say that I mean like I have known about it for most of my life and have always aspired to join. I don't remember exactly why but getting to the point I'm just about to turn 16 and my parents are okay...
  10. sdelapresilla

    Français par le sang versé.

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share this short documentary with you guys, as you can see by the thread of the title it is about Legionnaires getting their French naturalisation because of getting wounded in action. It doesn't have any subtitles and I couldn't find a version with them. I already...
  11. K

    Legal issues

    Let's say a friend of mine is in some legal trouble. 2 felonies, Escape and Battery on a LEO (Which is bullshit, I learned not to curse cops out because they'll compound the charges, freedom my ass.) Let's say if/when he's convicted he jumps out the courthouse window to join the FFL. Will this...
  12. O

    I need an explanation

    I'm a third year cadet of the military college in Argentina, I'm in communications... Once a year recently graduated officers of almost every country come to Argentina to visit the military college and spend some vacations here. I would like to know why the recently graduated French officers...
  13. L

    About Luc Léger ("navette") test

    Hello all,in the official page of FFL says: 1 Palier = 6 x 20 m and the minimum required is 7 paliers.OK,I downloaded the Luc Leger test Mp3,and in this test the number of shuttles increase with every palier like this: Lvl 1=(8 x 20m) Lvl 2=(8 x 20m) Lvl 3=(8 x...
  14. M

    For all the stupid out there

    I AM DEDICATING THIS SONG TO ALL THE STUPID PEOPLE IN THIS FORUM BUT NON-STUPID PEOPLE CAN WATCH THIS . http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2478103003661108531
  15. R

    Sarkozy's father naturalised by serving in the Legion ?

    The French president Sarkozy's father naturalized by serving FFL? :) :confused:
  16. C


    Hi, I'm an ex Royal Marine with a flight booked at the end of the month to Marseilles to hopefully get in the Legion. I've only recently found this site and found some good info and would like to thank everyone involved in it... thanks. :)