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  1. B


    Hey guys my name is William from Australia and I want to join the legionnaires, I’ve already started training fitness and have gotten myself to a good level based on what I’ve read and the videos I’ve watched. The division I would like to be in is the sniper regime but I understand you can’t...
  2. G


    Hi all. I am 184cm, and weigh 97kg. I am definitely not fat, however my BMI indicates I am overweight. Do factors such as body type and muscle mass get taken into account during the physical exam, or is it based soley on BMI?
  3. C

    QUESTION Eyesight and Fitness | I'm done, am I ?

    Finally rechecked my eyesight after 3 years, it's jumped from -4.75 to -6.0 damn... I know the maximum is -8.0/-10.0 but probably it'll lowered my score to oblivion, right ? Will the physical test help my score ? To think about it I'm fit but not that fit just average (5 pull up and level 7 on...
  4. F

    Starting my new diet today

    Le petit corporal got some fresh veggies and some fish, I’m making leek soup today very light and refreshing.
  5. F

    Everyday I’m closer to my goal

    I ran with my Eberlestock Skycrane 2 pack loaded 52lbs, this run was challenging I have been running everyday but only ever other with my pack. Today I am starting week three daily pack runs plus my evening slick run.
  6. F

    Final run of the day slick only waist pack

    Pushing myself to be more fit than ever before, is anyone else on here on a workout regiment?
  7. F

    The deer flys kicked my ass today

    I threw on my pack today loaded 52lbs and went for a jog/run I guess, the deer flys hit my 4-5 at a time man those little buggers hit hard. This ASICS app really helps Erin’s motivational talk really helps get through the burn.
  8. B

    Feel like I am not fit enough. Please help

    Hi all, i have been a regular visitor to this website and am myself a wannabe. Just hope you guys wouldn't mind i can ask a few questions about my fitness level : I have spent a couple of weeks preparing myself physically, following Stoeng’s training program and is now on my second month...
  9. CanadianFFL

    Some Running Tips

    1. Start out slow and warm up your legs, feet and body. You can kick it in later. Stretch as needed to avoid injuries. 2. Dress for the weather. 3. Stay hydrated early and often. 4. Keep your back straight and chest high on runs. Resist the urge to slouch as you tire. 5. Look ahead on the...
  10. CanadianFFL

    Workout Plan For Soldiers

  11. G


    I didn't know what to post at first, but now I have found something very, very interesting to anyone (interested) in a career in milltary/firefighter/police/law enforcement/... or anyone who wants to get a good all round fitness level without focussing on only 1or2 aspects of fitness. I had lots...
  12. D

    Age and physical fitness

    Alright, fellows, I am 32 years old and probably in the best shape/physical condition of my life. I achieved this by doing a modified NAVY SEALs BUDs exercise regimen. I say it is modified because so far I have made the calisthenics and running more intense and stuff due to the fact that I don't...
  13. L

    About Luc Léger ("navette") test

    Hello all,in the official page of FFL says: 1 Palier = 6 x 20 m and the minimum required is 7 paliers.OK,I downloaded the Luc Leger test Mp3,and in this test the number of shuttles increase with every palier like this: Lvl 1=(8 x 20m) Lvl 2=(8 x 20m) Lvl 3=(8 x...
  14. Alex


    I'm planning on going to apply for the FFL within the next few months.Should I train more on running and endurance rather than working on upper body strength.I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and usually just do weights,the only running I do is when playing football.Can someone answer this for...