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    QUESTION Question for legionnaires

    I have searched and searched and can’t find any info on the actual capabilities of the “Gestapo”. I served in the US military, have no legal troubles, I served honorably BUT, due to my separation code, I don’t want to chance too many questions. I am medically fit with zero disabling criteria...
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    Selection Question

    Hi everyone, This has been addressed elsewhere to some extent but not in the same context. I know that being familiar with French won't necessarily increase chances of being selected by itself, and it is more just useful for if you get in. But being a young American, I think it's fair to say...
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    ‘Gestapo’ Interview

    Hi everyone, I have been looking into all aspects of selection, and I feel prepared/confident for the physical tests, psychotechnical, and medical evaluations. I also have an idea of how to act in the so-called ‘gestapo’ interview i.e. show motivation, be brief and to the point, and show...
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    Biggest Factor during Selection

    Hello everyone, First a little background, I'm 20 and come from a middle class family. Finished school last year and took a year off as I felt lost and didn't want to follow the traditional path of ‘go to university, study something you don't care about, get a 9-5 job’. I'm also from a...

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