1. S

    Long Range Shooting Basics

    Although owning a firearm in my country is pretty much illegal (unless you make a boatload of cash per month), I have been reading this book for the past week. The content is easy to understand and the language simple. Hope you guys (especially wannabees like myself who's interested in becoming...
  2. B


    So I have already purchased my flight to Paris. Leaving in few months. My question is how important is the visa? I've read info from multiple sources that yes you need one and no that you don't need one. It's kind of hard for me to get the visa paperwork accomplished due to fire season being in...
  3. SnafuSmite

    Does the infantry have a future? Interesting article, from an American perspective, but I think there are clear parallels in any military force from any nation.
  4. R

    2REP Questions/Megathread

    So I have a few questions about the 2REP. I know some of these have been answered before, as the REP is literally THE regiment to many wannabes, but those threads are over a decade old xD My thought is to make this thread sort of like the one on 1REC (started by Stoeng iirc) - a thread with...