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  1. F

    Is this too aggressive for the gestapo

    If asked why I`m not joining my own nations military. I can honestly say that I feel betrayed by my military and feel I have placed faith in the wrong military. Americans are often tricked into serving in positions they strongly disliked and joining in general The Legion works hard to keep you...
  2. L

    QUESTION Good responses to question of why you wanted to join the legion?

    My reason for joining is wanting to be guaranteed that I can serve in a foreign place outside of the US. Also I want to challenge myself mentally and physically. I am worried these answers sound fairly cliche' and I can see the recruiters as scrutinizing these responses. What other responses...
  3. X

    ANSWERED Joining The Legion

    Introduction, I am a young man who has always worked in restaurants. Story, Career went south with the pandemic and lost all the work I had. Used the time to obtain GED in order to join the US military. All went well enough until they asked for medical records. Hospitalized once as a result...
  4. foxhound

    QUESTION Question about Interpol; I may be flagged not wanted

    So from my post history you will see I was ex military in Canada. I went to try out for the French Foreign Legion did not pass selection. So I thought over my life tried to get back in. Just as I am about to ship out police show up at my door take me in for questioning. Someone I know (I will...
  5. R

    QUESTION Learning French and Military Service

    I’ve done the search on the forums and wanted a more clear answer. Apologies in advance for the time you gentlemen will take in helping clarify this. 1. I’ve downloaded the “Babbel” app and have begun practicing basic French vocabulary and pronunciation in preparation. However I don’t feel as...
  6. L

    QUESTION Question for legionnaires

    I have searched and searched and can’t find any info on the actual capabilities of the “Gestapo”. I served in the US military, have no legal troubles, I served honorably BUT, due to my separation code, I don’t want to chance too many questions. I am medically fit with zero disabling criteria...
  7. S

    Interview Question

    Hey guys. I don’t know if this question has been asked before but I’m just going to ask anyway. When you get interviewed, should you be 10000% completely honest with the person who interviewes you? What I mean by this question is that if a normal person asks ke why I want to join , I will...
  8. W

    Selection Question

    Hi everyone, This has been addressed elsewhere to some extent but not in the same context. I know that being familiar with French won't necessarily increase chances of being selected by itself, and it is more just useful for if you get in. But being a young American, I think it's fair to say...
  9. W

    ‘Gestapo’ Interview

    Hi everyone, I have been looking into all aspects of selection, and I feel prepared/confident for the physical tests, psychotechnical, and medical evaluations. I also have an idea of how to act in the so-called ‘gestapo’ interview i.e. show motivation, be brief and to the point, and show...
  10. W

    Questions for those who did not get through selection

    Hi everyone, I have looked through the forum and there are a few mentions of the big reasons for being turned away, but I am looking for a little more detail. For those of you that have been through selection and did not make the cut, what were some things you could have changed to make it go...
  11. sdelapresilla

    La Légion combat au Tchad.

    Hello everyone! I don't know if you've seen this short video, but I do find it very interesting... Images are extremely good and even the music, and specially the interview to the specialists that manage de IFV. Just felt the need to share it with you guys, and to get some opinions about the...