1. L

    QUESTION Birth certificate

    in the offical site says Foreign applicants "A complete birth certificate with filiation obtained less than six months before (ideally multilingual). " Now in my country the nuterion asks for 160 $ for translations and signature with approval it's almost the cost of my plane ticket Does...
  2. J

    QUESTION How Much Money in Bank Account? (Visa)

    How much money should I have in my bank account to apply for a Visa to get to France? I am not fortunate enough to be born in a first world country, so I will need to apply for one. If any of you have an idea please let me know.
  3. J

    QUESTION Retirement

    If a person joins the legion at 37 years of age can it serve the years necessary to get the pension before obligatory retirement age according to the military rank? I saw online that in the French army if you're 47 and made it only to sergeant you have to retire by law. Thank you
  4. P

    QUESTION Nose surgery and FFL

    I was recently disqualified from the regular army due to some kind of deviation in my nose, i was told to get surgery to fix it and then i can re-apply. I'm thinking about not going back to army but instead i would like to try FFL, would it be possible to join FFL after the nose surgery?
  5. V

    JOINING Ready and joining! From Costa Rica

    Hi... I guess I don't really have any questions but actually wanted to thank you all, every thread of the forum has been useful throughout my time thinking about joining. To introduce myself, my name is Esteban, from Costa Rica. And it's decided, I bought my ticket to Paris for 20th of January...
  6. K

    JOINING Thinking about joining.

    Hello all Legionnaires and retired Legionnaires. I am twenty one years old and from Texas, USA. I've recently been thinking about enlisting for the Legion. Why? For starters I have been wanting to be a soldier since I was about ten years old seeing a recruiting ad for the US Army. I also come...
  7. P

    JOINING Dental Problems

    Is having caries something that you might be disqualified for having at the medical exam?
  8. V

    JOINING Joining with Medical Rhinoplasty made 2 years ago.

    I had both Laser Eye surgery and Rhinoplasty at the same time for medical reasons and not cosmetic 2 years ago. I know already that for the eye procedure you are good to go after a year but I've never heard anything about the nose surgery, I've had no issues or secondary effects after the...
  9. W

    ‘Gestapo’ Interview

    Hi everyone, I have been looking into all aspects of selection, and I feel prepared/confident for the physical tests, psychotechnical, and medical evaluations. I also have an idea of how to act in the so-called ‘gestapo’ interview i.e. show motivation, be brief and to the point, and show...
  10. R

    Biggest Factor during Selection

    Hello everyone, First a little background, I'm 20 and come from a middle class family. Finished school last year and took a year off as I felt lost and didn't want to follow the traditional path of ‘go to university, study something you don't care about, get a 9-5 job’. I'm also from a...
  11. W

    Bonjour from South Africa

    Good morning members. Young gentleman from South Africa here, hoping to join the FFL in Spring 2018. Have no military background (besides military camps in School), in the tech industry, healthy, fit and almost ready to make the travels happen. Have always wanted to be part of the military and...
  12. V

    South African Potential working towards joining

    Good Day Gentlemen, I am a 25 year old South African in the process of working myself into the fitness and knowledge required to join the Foreign Legion. I have a couple questions that I hope some of you will be able to answer for me. 1) Is there a better time during the year to join in terms...
  13. J

    No space

    Hey, so i tried to join today at Fort nogent, and they told me to come back on Thursday because they had no beds left and the only 5 beds left were reserved for people coming straight from the airport. Is that true or were they only trying to test my determination and see if I come back on...
  14. A

    31 Aug 2015 tried n failed

    Hi everyone sharing my experience. i went to Marseille on 31 August 2015, been there for 4 days almost. Monday i went to Marseille after some pull ups and paper work they took me to Aubagne. Wednesday they send us for medical, Thursday we had sport test, same day we were sent for quick dinner...
  15. G

    Tips for future Legionnaires

    Hello, I'm a fifteen year old guy living in Sweden. for as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a soldier. When I was about 8 years old, I read about the Foreign legion and I've wanted to be a legionnaire ever since. They're the elite, one of the best units in the world. A career in the...
  16. S

    Joining & important steps (accomodation, ...)

    Hi, I'm planning to travel into Paris. But before it, I need to know this information: health insurance, accommodation and food. Because I have money only for travel and rest will be about 70-100 EUR. How much money I need? I read that accommodation and food is immediately provided by army. But...
  17. Oleg84

    Tried, Failed.

    Been there for two days, did my medical and sport tests and was shown the door. The Chinese Cpl in charge told me that I was too fat and that if he had been in at the reception he wouldn't have even let me in to try. I am 186 cm and 95 kilograms. There isn't much fat on me but I really could...
  18. S

    Hello everyone... Introducing myself and had two small queries

    Introducing myself - I'm a 23 year old guy from India. I plan to join either before or after Christmas. Training more for stamina and endurance these days (long walks and runs). I've also been reading up a lot about the Legion. The posts here are have been very informative, hence a thanks to...
  19. P

    A few question's regarding joining the FFL

    First up I'm planning to join the FFL between June and September next year, after being in the ACF 111th the rifles platoon at the age of 16 I decided not to join the regular army as of basically retards that just want to go to Afghanistan to kill someone. These are not the people I want...
  20. A

    Hello from US

    Hello to everyone and Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate), I've been lurking around for a month looking at all the different threads and have gained some great ACTUAL information, not the Google Search BS. I saw that I could potentially be kicked if I don't post anything, so I thought I'd...

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