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  1. F

    COVID-19 Vaccine Preference

    I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering. How would the Legion prefer we are vaccinated and what kind of vaccine do they want us to have if any? I can't find any information other than a necessary negative covid test. Thank you
  2. F

    Is this too aggressive for the gestapo

    If asked why I`m not joining my own nations military. I can honestly say that I feel betrayed by my military and feel I have placed faith in the wrong military. Americans are often tricked into serving in positions they strongly disliked and joining in general The Legion works hard to keep you...
  3. L

    QUESTION Good responses to question of why you wanted to join the legion?

    My reason for joining is wanting to be guaranteed that I can serve in a foreign place outside of the US. Also I want to challenge myself mentally and physically. I am worried these answers sound fairly cliche' and I can see the recruiters as scrutinizing these responses. What other responses...
  4. L

    JOINING Joining the second time, already passed selection

    I happened to join the french foreign legion last year, and made it through selection, was sent to castelnaudary and the farm. i was kicked out for broken leg during a march "the legion cannot afford to hospitalize" which i totally understand. I was told that i can come back in 1 year. Will this...
  5. B

    QUESTION Stretch Marks

    Hello to everyone. I have been trying to join the legion for 1 year. I am confused by some problems so I would like to ask here, thank you to those who will answer in advance. I have had a weight problem since I was little but I solved this problem in 1 year. I lost 43 kilos. I was 110 kilos...
  6. N

    QUESTION Enter France from the EU

    Hey guys I'm a 21 year old Italian-norwegian that's gonna join the legion next week, already bought tickets and and done all the paperwork to travel (from Italy) I was wondering if anyone know if the french authorities let you in without problem or are they gonna send you home because you can't...
  7. R

    QUESTION Questions

    Hello everybody thanks for the welcome. Im just gonna get straight to the questions if that is ok and if anyone can answer it would be highly appreciated. Can i join having both hand tattoos?( not racial or offensive) Is it recommended to go to a PILE or straight to Aubagne? Im a smoker,will...
  8. D

    QUESTION Having permittion to enter France

    Hello I’m joining the legion asap but I’m currently unable to leave UK without legal permittion (proof of job) is it possible to get proof off the legion and if so how? thanks in advance
  9. K

    QUESTION Some questions about medical and advices

    Hello all, first of all I'm genuinely sorry if this was the wrong place to post this. Just warn me if that is the case and I'll gladly delete this post. I checked previous posts on this subject but decided to post a new one because I'm getting anxious. I'm 22 years old, very fit and a sportsman...
  10. Y

    QUESTION Operational Reserve

    https://www.legion-etrangere.com/mdl/page.php?id=553&block=33&fbclid=IwAR3cfqS8i5Y5V2lQmAHPLNBE4wqZGQMMOn46KvqlsCFBWMazmMk3Qbl3Ir8 I am confused by this post from the Legion.recrute Will that mean we have to be French for joining the Legion from now on?
  11. C


    Hey everyone my name's Chris. I've been considering joining the French Foreign Legion for a couple years now. The Legion and its history is a pretty fascinating subject overall so its cool to find a website specifically dedicated to it. I play guitar and bass and like anything that's heavy from...
  12. C

    QUESTION American looking to join (new member)

    Hey everyone I'm Chris, new member. Here's my deal: I've known about the FFL for a number of years now and I'm considering joining. I previously tried joining the US Marines- twice- and was rejected due to some legal issues I had when I was younger (happened when I was 18, 24 now). I don't think...
  13. L

    QUESTION Birth certificate

    in the offical site says Foreign applicants "A complete birth certificate with filiation obtained less than six months before (ideally multilingual). " Now in my country the nuterion asks for 160 $ for translations and signature with approval it's almost the cost of my plane ticket Does...
  14. J

    QUESTION How Much Money in Bank Account? (Visa)

    How much money should I have in my bank account to apply for a Visa to get to France? I am not fortunate enough to be born in a first world country, so I will need to apply for one. If any of you have an idea please let me know.
  15. J

    QUESTION Retirement

    If a person joins the legion at 37 years of age can it serve the years necessary to get the pension before obligatory retirement age according to the military rank? I saw online that in the French army if you're 47 and made it only to sergeant you have to retire by law. Thank you
  16. P

    QUESTION Nose surgery and FFL

    I was recently disqualified from the regular army due to some kind of deviation in my nose, i was told to get surgery to fix it and then i can re-apply. I'm thinking about not going back to army but instead i would like to try FFL, would it be possible to join FFL after the nose surgery?
  17. V

    JOINING Ready and joining! From Costa Rica

    Hi... I guess I don't really have any questions but actually wanted to thank you all, every thread of the forum has been useful throughout my time thinking about joining. To introduce myself, my name is Esteban, from Costa Rica. And it's decided, I bought my ticket to Paris for 20th of January...
  18. K

    JOINING Thinking about joining.

    Hello all Legionnaires and retired Legionnaires. I am twenty one years old and from Texas, USA. I've recently been thinking about enlisting for the Legion. Why? For starters I have been wanting to be a soldier since I was about ten years old seeing a recruiting ad for the US Army. I also come...
  19. P

    JOINING Dental Problems

    Is having caries something that you might be disqualified for having at the medical exam?
  20. V

    JOINING Joining with Medical Rhinoplasty made 2 years ago.

    I had both Laser Eye surgery and Rhinoplasty at the same time for medical reasons and not cosmetic 2 years ago. I know already that for the eye procedure you are good to go after a year but I've never heard anything about the nose surgery, I've had no issues or secondary effects after the...