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    Humbly want to join ffl, just a few questions please

    Hello I've been thinking of joint for 2 years I just need a few things cleared up before I make my way to aubagne. Ahead of time please realize I have spent 2 years trying to research and get this info on my own so any direction to the ffl site does me no good as I have memorized it back to...
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    Greetings from a Canadian National

    Hello! I am a Canadian Citizen that has a dream of being a Legionnaire I have grown weary of civilian life and wish to escape it. No other option for me offers such intrigue, or a more efficient way to do so. I will, of course, serve France and the Legion as dutifully as I can. I...
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    Question about marriage...

    Because information about this topic was rather different on different sources, i registered here on your forums, hoping that some of you might be able to clarify it for me. I also tried the FAQ, but the links there doesn't work, so it didn't helped much. Also couldn't find any clear answers...
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    A random question.

    I am sure you are all tired of answering questions pertaining to tattoos but hopefully this one is something you haven't heard before. Ok I have a shit ton of tattoos and I plan on leaving for France in the next few months. I realize tattoos are not an issue in the Legion face neck whatever...
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    About Luc Léger ("navette") test

    Hello all,in the official page of FFL says: 1 Palier = 6 x 20 m and the minimum required is 7 paliers.OK,I downloaded the Luc Leger test Mp3,and in this test the number of shuttles increase with every palier like this: Lvl 1=(8 x 20m) Lvl 2=(8 x 20m) Lvl 3=(8 x...
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    I have a warrant can i join

    I have two warrants one is for driving under suspension and one is for not going to court in ohio for dui. Will the legion deny me for that.
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    Hi, I'm an ex Royal Marine with a flight booked at the end of the month to Marseilles to hopefully get in the Legion. I've only recently found this site and found some good info and would like to thank everyone involved in it... thanks. :)