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  1. T

    QUESTION French Accent?

    As French is the common language of the legion, and is learned by rote does it have an identifiable accent. That is to say if you were in conversation with a French national and they didn't know you were a legionnaire would they automatically know you were a legionnaire by the way you spoke, is...
  2. J

    QUESTION English Language

    I know that French is the only language you are supposed to use, but realistically speaking, do Legionnaires communicate via English a lot of times? I mean English is a pretty global language.
  3. F

    QUESTION Questions about French and Phone

    1. I have heard you must learn the 400 French words aka. the essential vocabulary, does anyone have a list of the words? I am also curious about the equipment names and command verbs. 2. I have heard you must write your name on your belongings, but do you wait with this until you get your new...
  4. S

    QUESTION Important french words

    Hello Im learning french right know and try to teach myself new words each day. My question goes to the serving or veteran legionnaires. What words are good to know for the legion that you usually dont need in civil life? Merci
  5. D

    French language

    If I don't know how to speak French can I enter French Foreign Legion?
  6. W

    Most effective way to learn French

    Hey everyone, This is another thing that I have looked into, but there’s not a lot of info with this sort of application. I think this discussion could help out a lot of wannabe’s and hopefuls that are willing to put in the time. Over the months I have used a lot of online tools and books to...
  7. IrishHermit

    Learning French in the Legion.

    Bonjour messieurs, I have a few questions about teaching and learning French in the Legion. First, a little background about me. I am sixty-seven years old. I have never been in the Legion, nor given it any serious consideration. But, I have been learning French for the last two years...
  8. D


    Hi there, I'm a new member here, and i'd like to ask a question. Upon searching this site a couple of weeks back, I came across a post by a guy who had been to the Legion and had dropped out. He said that speaking 2 major languages (English plus another major language) gave you a greater...
  9. E

    Would Afghan languages help?

    Hi, Would learning Dari or Farsi (both languages of Afghanistan, where the Legion is operational now), increase my chances of being selected? Thanks