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légion étrangère

  1. M

    QUESTION Travelling

    I want to join the legion. But sometimes I vomit on longer travels. I can still join the legion? Or if not can I cure this illnes?
  2. J

    QUESTION Anonymous in The Legion

    How is the Legion effective at hiding you from people in your previous life? I just want to start over.
  3. H

    QUESTION The perspective of the Legion to young people?

    Is it good or bad to apply at age 18?
  4. M

    QUESTION Dear legionnaires.

    Dear everyone. I am South Korean national who currently studying in Taiwan as a college student, I already booked my one way ticket to Paris on end of June this year. I am wondering about bringing electronic stuffs like laptop and smartphones to Fort de Nogent. I tried, but, following the...
  5. L

    Training difficulty

    Im currently 17 years old and deciding between the British army, Royal Marines and the legion, I was wondering how basic training in the legion ranks in comparison to these two in terms of difficulty. In particular the army as I assume the RM is in somewhat of its own league.
  6. L

    QUESTION Social security

    Hey, everyone, I would like to know about this issue of not paying social security for the time been spent in the legion is five years. in my country if you don't work you have to pay every month to the government social security services. I assume that most of the country's do the same and...
  7. L

    Joining the Legion as a teen

    Im currently 16 years old and have been looking at both the legion and at British armed forces, I was wondering if it would b advised to serve with the British first and then go to France or join straight into the Legion. Please forgive me if this question has been asked before or if it is a...
  8. allnightdesigner

    New Design - 2 REP

    This is a new design I've done for the 2 REP. I'm revisiting my best selling stuff and doing the designs in 1 color. It's a fresh, clean look and people seem to like it. You can get this with either white ink on dark or black ink on light colored shirts and hoodies...

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