1. M

    QUESTION Dear legionnaires.

    Dear everyone. I am South Korean national who currently studying in Taiwan as a college student, I already booked my one way ticket to Paris on end of June this year. I am wondering about bringing electronic stuffs like laptop and smartphones to Fort de Nogent. I tried, but, following the...
  2. W

    QUESTION 2REP and Eye glasses

    On the ''Ultimate Eye Glasses/Vision'' thread, OP said that, if you wear glasses, you can forget 2REP. However, i found this picture on the ForeignLegion.Info website of a Legionnaire wearing glasses on the CEA of the 2REP. So, are glasses still a no-go for the 2?
  3. ALX

    FFL Standard Issue Gear

    Hello all, Have always wondered, what gear do you guys get that is personal issue. For example, maybe a wrist watch that you get to keep. Do you even get a watch and if so, which one? Also, do you guys get jackets? That you can wear on and off base? And what do you get to keep when you leave...
  4. G

    Tips for future Legionnaires

    Hello, I'm a fifteen year old guy living in Sweden. for as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a soldier. When I was about 8 years old, I read about the Foreign legion and I've wanted to be a legionnaire ever since. They're the elite, one of the best units in the world. A career in the...
  5. fonzi

    What is a cartoon designer? What does this type of Legionnaire do?

    Hello, I was reading up on different specialties a legionnaire can branch into and came across a "cartoon designer." What is a "cartoon designer"? This must be a French to English translation that perhaps means a newspaper editor? If someone could enlighten me, I would appreciate it greatly...

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