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    QUESTION Introduction and Medical Exam Question

    Hi all, Thanks for the approval to join. My name is Christian and I’m a wildland firefighter in the USA. I’ve made my mind up on heading out and joining the Legion after this upcoming fire season. I’m curious about the medical exam. Are any x-rays performed? If so, what do they cover? Thanks...
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    QUESTION Missing two fingers

    Hello, I am a 19 year old male. I am here to ask to if I will get disqualified because of my medical condition. I am missing an index and a pinky in my right hand. I would like to state that I am able to do anything (eg. rock climbing, lifting). I was born with it, no accident. However, on the...
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    Medical Question

    Hello all, The day is approaching. 26 days until I leave for Fort de Nogent. My fitness is where it needs to be, so is my motivation. Only one loose end... TEETH... My lower right wisdom tooth is impacted (grown out slightly, but at a 45 degree angle). When I went to a dentist a few months...

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