1. opcomrade

    ANSWERED Surgical Records

    Hello guys, I am a little confused / worried with this information from FFL topic on their website, as it's stated "Any operation with major after-effects on bodily functions", my English sucks quite a little when it comes to interpretation, I dont understand what they exactly consider about...
  2. S

    QUESTION Missing two fingers

    Hello, I am a 19 year old male. I am here to ask to if I will get disqualified because of my medical condition. I am missing an index and a pinky in my right hand. I would like to state that I am able to do anything (eg. rock climbing, lifting). I was born with it, no accident. However, on the...
  3. C

    QUESTION us airborne

    Hi I'm new on here. I was us airborne for 11 years 2 years special operations but I ruptured my spleen during training. making me un fit for SF duties and went back to a airborne infantry unit. I have no mobility problems and no Health problems. I want to strive for more I would love to make...
  4. R

    Medical requirements

    I am wondering if I could join the Legion with only one kidney. I was born with a bad kidney and had it removed when I was 5 years old. I have read around the info site and it didn't mention anything about a kidney dis-qualifying me. I was just wondering if anyone know's for sure if this is the...
  5. SwampPearl

    Selection Experience Stories

    I did some searching around for peoples experiences during the FFL selection and I found two well written stories about their time at Aubagne. I know these stories are already on the forums, but I thought it might be easier for people to find them in one thread...
  6. M

    One question only ;) !

  7. legiopatrianosta

    Some Medical questions.

    So I have a question related to dentition. Well, I had braces when I was younger (Terrible dentition due to the fact that my teeth were growing faster thant the one that should fall) I have a pretty good dentition now, except the fact that the doctor left some sort of dental floss behind my...
  8. C

    Serious questions about whom the FFL will take, selection, and medical process.

    Hello! I have some very specific questions concerning the French Foreign Legion. I’m asking these questions out of genuine interest and curiosity, but also as a University Student who for some reason has an interest in how military’s handle non-citizens who wish to enlist. (Which you can...
  9. B

    weird collar bone

    Hi guys, new here, and I've already used the search function for this, but to no avail, so here goes: I was beaten up not long ago (fucked a girl who had a very jealous ex-boyfriend..:p) and it left me with a small scar on my forehead (I know they don't particularly like scars, but I have...