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  1. C

    Anyone even been in Yugoslavia?

    Was wondering what it like like to be a legionnaire in Yugoslavia, particularly Bosnia, during the 90s. Anyone on here serve during that time? Was it an active mission or mostly working with the UN peacekeepers? I recently watched the movie “Savior” with Dennis Quaid. Apparently it’s based on a...
  2. G

    Over There Tv series

    I can remember watching a TV series when the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was in full swing. "Over There" was a Tv series that aired for the first time in the United States during 2005. I would like to question the members of the forum if they feel the same way I feel about the series. I...
  3. Hitsuji

    Arn the Templar knight

    The movie is set in medieval Sweden and Middle East, the story is like a mix of Tristan and Isolde and the Kingdom of Heaven, the movie is nice to watch if you want to watch a new movie with knights, sword fighting and similar. But it is way too long for my taste with 2 h and 13 and a half...
  4. M

    Movie reviews from the best critic of the world

    My first reviews of the most important movie of the world . Die Hard Die Hard is the medical term for death of a male while erect. Medical science has been unable to determine the specific cause, but has developed several theories for why a man would die hard. Such theories include...
  5. A

    The Top10 Movies I like Most

    1) Shawshank Redemption 2) Blood Diamond 3) The Wrestler 4) 9th Company 5) Departed 6) Pulp Fiction 7) Saving Private ryan 8) 25th Hour 9) Black hawk Down 10) Savior NOW TELL ME GUYS WHAT DO YOU THINK .