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  1. M

    Some clarifications

    Hello to all members of this forum! I'm new on this forum , but I read many many topics about and I found very useful information. I'm 18 years old and planning to go to France on May 28 this year. I have a few unanswered questions. • I can run 10 km in 55 minutes , i can do 15 pull-ups pretty...
  2. M

    I will spend 1-2 days in Paris before joining!

    Hello Members, I will join 2014 [summer] in Paris or 2017 with education. I wanna spend 1-2 days at a hotel in Paris to see the Eiffel tower and such stuff... Maybe I will have a bit too much money. What should I do with this money? I don't drink or smoke and need your opinion! hahaha ;)
  3. Grey Worm

    French Women Against Radical Feminists

  4. RMD

    For the organised.

    Perhaps, for some, this is an example of too much information or an information overload. But as the Boys Scouts say, 'Be Prepared'. Half, if not more, of the information below will not be needed by most. But I thought I would be thorough & fair by providing it all as it can be found online. I...