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    QUESTION Need to make a decision

    Hello everyone, I’m new here. You can call me Zun. I got two opportunities to chose between, either join the French Foreign Legion by knocking on the door and do my best, or I can join the Swedish Army in September. Does anyone know who gets a better military ”education” and experience between...
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    QUESTION Nose surgery and FFL

    I was recently disqualified from the regular army due to some kind of deviation in my nose, i was told to get surgery to fix it and then i can re-apply. I'm thinking about not going back to army but instead i would like to try FFL, would it be possible to join FFL after the nose surgery?
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    QUESTION How many times can you try and what are the intervals between discharges?

    My question is pretty much sumed up on the title. What types of discharges are there? How many times can you try? What is the wait time between discharges if you haven't been dumped permanently? Thanks for your answers.
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    QUESTION Spare Time in the legion.

    Hi Guys, my name is Ivan, im from Paraguay im already planning on get to france and try to join in 2021, what i am really concerned is about how much free time you can really have and i haven't found any clear answer, i know it is a full time job, but im asking this because i would like to know...
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    ANSWERED A really complicated question I couldn't find an answer for

    So for about one year I've been training so I could get the highest chance of being accepted my pullups and pushup count are very high and my endurance is pretty good. I wear glasses and I've saved up enough money to get eye surgery. There is one problem though that I hope you could help me on...
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    Dental Braces

    Hello everybody! I want to join the legion next summer but I have one question for which I didn’t find any answer : Can I join the legion if I have dental braces? Thanks a lot.
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    Question about retirement

    Hello, My name is Attila, my son is serving currently on his first contract. My son said that he is planning to stay with the Legion another 5 years after his current contract is up in just over 2 years. I was wondering if he will get any kind of retirement checks after his 2nd contract. I heard...
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    Hello everyone... Introducing myself and had two small queries

    Introducing myself - I'm a 23 year old guy from India. I plan to join either before or after Christmas. Training more for stamina and endurance these days (long walks and runs). I've also been reading up a lot about the Legion. The posts here are have been very informative, hence a thanks to...
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    Salut, I'm a South African preparing to go.

    Je m'appelle Euan, I would just like to introduce myself. I am 25 years of age and preparing to join the Legion towards the end of the year or perhaps sooner should I feel the need to. I am studying French and training especially for the opportunity to be part of the Legion. I would like to...
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    Question about marriage...

    Because information about this topic was rather different on different sources, i registered here on your forums, hoping that some of you might be able to clarify it for me. I also tried the FAQ, but the links there doesn't work, so it didn't helped much. Also couldn't find any clear answers...
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    A random question.

    I am sure you are all tired of answering questions pertaining to tattoos but hopefully this one is something you haven't heard before. Ok I have a shit ton of tattoos and I plan on leaving for France in the next few months. I realize tattoos are not an issue in the Legion face neck whatever...