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    QUESTION Nose surgery and FFL

    I was recently disqualified from the regular army due to some kind of deviation in my nose, i was told to get surgery to fix it and then i can re-apply. I'm thinking about not going back to army but instead i would like to try FFL, would it be possible to join FFL after the nose surgery?
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    New member introduction , questions

    Hello my name is Kev a 29 year old from Scotland hoping to join the French Foreign legion next year , the reason I'm waiting a year is that'll give me time to get myself in shape for the selection process. Why do I want to join the Foreign Legion? Well basically I want to be a soldier and have...
  3. J

    I've made my decision

    Because I have no transportation. I don't live in a city. I'd have to call a cab which I'll already have to do to get to an airport and that will be expensive for just the one way trip.
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    Question regarding enlistment at 17

    Hello, you can call me Weinberger, I'm new to the forum, however not new to the Legion. When I say that I mean like I have known about it for most of my life and have always aspired to join. I don't remember exactly why but getting to the point I'm just about to turn 16 and my parents are okay...