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  1. M

    QUESTION Medical

    I went to get a physical cause I have this lump on my abdomen. My doctor told me that its call a lipoma. He told me it's just a build up of fatty tissue much like a cyst. Anyone that would know about medical be able to help me if this will get me disqualified. This is what google says a lipoma...
  2. B

    What does the Legion Need?

    My determination is rock solid, but I like to go prepared to any situation, I'm leaving, I'm currently saving up the money. But I'm not leaving until I've made sure I have something, that je ne sais quoi that will give me an edge. I can do 12 pull-ups any bad day, run 10km under 50 min, and...
  3. B


    Hey guys my name is William from Australia and I want to join the legionnaires, I’ve already started training fitness and have gotten myself to a good level based on what I’ve read and the videos I’ve watched. The division I would like to be in is the sniper regime but I understand you can’t...
  4. M

    QUESTION Psychology test

    Hi everyone. I have a question. How can I exercise for the psychology tests? Where can I find tests what can be on the recruition?
  5. J

    How does that happen??

    While just compiling more research and reading articles about the legion , I stumbled across this article . Albeit it is a older article does this happen a lot? How do you just get “coaxed” into joining the legion because the way I understand it is that YOU go out of your way to join the legion...
  6. C

    QUESTION American looking to join (new member)

    Hey everyone I'm Chris, new member. Here's my deal: I've known about the FFL for a number of years now and I'm considering joining. I previously tried joining the US Marines- twice- and was rejected due to some legal issues I had when I was younger (happened when I was 18, 24 now). I don't think...
  7. M

    Ready to book a flight to Paris...

    Hello anciens, legionnaires and wannabes. I'm not really in to long preambles, so I'm just going to cut to the chase. I'm 35 years old with minimal prior military experience. I want to join the French Foreign Legion for many reasons and have had this desire for close to a decade...
  8. J

    No space

    Hey, so i tried to join today at Fort nogent, and they told me to come back on Thursday because they had no beds left and the only 5 beds left were reserved for people coming straight from the airport. Is that true or were they only trying to test my determination and see if I come back on...
  9. P

    A few question's regarding joining the FFL

    First up I'm planning to join the FFL between June and September next year, after being in the ACF 111th the rifles platoon at the age of 16 I decided not to join the regular army as of basically retards that just want to go to Afghanistan to kill someone. These are not the people I want...
  10. Legionnaire Parent

    A South African living in Paris - Son presently in Fort de Nogent

    Bonjour à tous, I thought I will like to say hi to all fellow South African legionnaires, wannabee legionnaires (like my son) and family and friends of legionnaires. On Friday 18th January at approximately midday I said goodbye to my son at the gates of Fort de Nogent. I am married to a French...
  11. J

    Humbly want to join ffl, just a few questions please

    Hello I've been thinking of joint for 2 years I just need a few things cleared up before I make my way to aubagne. Ahead of time please realize I have spent 2 years trying to research and get this info on my own so any direction to the ffl site does me no good as I have memorized it back to...
  12. U

    18 year olds?

    Do 18 year olds have a decent chance of being admitted or does the Legion prefer older more mature recruits with a bit more ‘life experience’ (including previous military service)?
  13. Richmx2

    FFL in WWI (general history question for a specific reason)

    I am working under a very strict deadline to write a short book on the Mexican general Enrique Golostieta Velarde (1880-1929), active in the Cristero Wars, a Revolution of 1910-20s, Mexican version of the French Revolution in Vendée of the 1790s (a Catholic and conservative counterrevolution)...