1. B

    QUESTION Run test

    Is the Cooper test still done? Or is it just beep test or is it both? If this is a stupid question I apologize, I was assuming just the beep test.
  2. B

    Feel like I am not fit enough. Please help

    Hi all, i have been a regular visitor to this website and am myself a wannabe. Just hope you guys wouldn't mind i can ask a few questions about my fitness level : I have spent a couple of weeks preparing myself physically, following Stoeng’s training program and is now on my second month...
  3. CanadianFFL

    Some Running Tips

    1. Start out slow and warm up your legs, feet and body. You can kick it in later. Stretch as needed to avoid injuries. 2. Dress for the weather. 3. Stay hydrated early and often. 4. Keep your back straight and chest high on runs. Resist the urge to slouch as you tire. 5. Look ahead on the...
  4. J

    Minimalist running

    Does the Legion Prohibit minimalist running shoes? I know that the American military has some restrictions on them.
  5. Chval

    Is it possible to become an NCO despite not being good at running?

    A couple of days ago i got (finally) assigned to the company combat, while passing a rapport to le capitaine i discovered, to my bizarre, that in order to be an active EOD (joining NEDEX) one has to be at least a CHEF DE SECTION. OK, i can spend my time waiting staying in branch combat, since i...

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