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schengen visa

  1. J

    QUESTION Inapte Temporaire, Hiding in France

    Okay think of this scenario. A young aspirant goes to France to knock on the doors of the Legion. He gets Inapte Temporaire and is told to come back in a few months. Bad news is he only has money for this single trip to mainland Europe. Have there been any aspirants who hid in mainland Europe...
  2. J

    QUESTION Visa and Holidays

    My question is that if the Legion gives you a working visa or something like that if you can join, so you can go back to your country if you stay long enough for having holidays (lets say you only had a 90 days visa when you first arrived) or you must obtain a new visa for going back to France...
  3. G

    QUESTION Visa Duration and..hernia

    So uhh..bonjour a tous My name is Manuel, i'm currently 17 and thinking about joining the legion. I'm from southeast asia I have some questions that still haunt me every night before bed and i know that most of my questions have problably been answered in other threads so uhh I'm pretty...
  4. Diego Silang

    Good Day to all! Greeting from a Filipino in Singapore.

    I am Diego from the Philippines but currently residing and working in Singapore. I have been working for a health care company (hospital) for the past three years in this island city prior to this I was employed in Philippines in the same industry as well specializing in clinical laboratory...