second chance

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    QUESTION I want to send a letter

    Hello I know there is probably no chance can someone give me a adress where the guys after (definitive) can send a letter and ask for a second chance. I know there is probably only 1 % chance Legion to give you that chance but I want to try. I was there few years ago did I need to put exact...
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    ANSWERED Drug trafficking record

    Hi there, I will call myself Maximus but I do not wish to post my name as I would like to stay anonymous. I want to firstly say thank you to all, who is taking the time to read and assist with my enquiry. THANK YOU. What I can say is that I am 28 years old from Australia, my parents are from the...
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    Hello Ex Police

    So I used to work for the police force in my country Romania. So now i don't have a clue what to do next, all the work places that i can go to seem boring as s**t. My situation is as followes made some mistakes got some unpayed lones 10k to be exact ,gambling, got an dishonorable discahrge, un...

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