1. opcomrade

    ANSWERED Surgical Records

    Hello guys, I am a little confused / worried with this information from FFL topic on their website, as it's stated "Any operation with major after-effects on bodily functions", my English sucks quite a little when it comes to interpretation, I dont understand what they exactly consider about...
  2. P

    Major scar, no disabilities.

    Hello everyone, yes, I have checked all threads with "scars" in them somewhere, and I would also post this as a reply to another one but the last one was a while ago, so yeah. So basically, when I was 8, I had this major surgery. I have a scar in my head from ear to ear, a scar in my neck...
  3. T

    I need some advice about my knee problems.

    TOO LONG; DIDN'T READ version: KNEES=OUCH! Join Legion or don't? Surgery OK or not? Just to kinda reintroduce myself, I'm formerly of the US Army (for about 3 months) due to some knee problems that popped up, pretty much out of nowhere, during the first few weeks of basic training. In...

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