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  1. O

    QUESTION Stand down

    Good afternoon, What is the stand down time for the FFL if I were to fail a test. In the NZDF it’s 6 months before you can reapply and you only get two shots. Cheers
  2. C

    QUESTION Eyesight and Fitness | I'm done, am I ?

    Finally rechecked my eyesight after 3 years, it's jumped from -4.75 to -6.0 damn... I know the maximum is -8.0/-10.0 but probably it'll lowered my score to oblivion, right ? Will the physical test help my score ? To think about it I'm fit but not that fit just average (5 pull up and level 7 on...
  3. Joseph Cosgrove

    End of basics physical tests (for placing)

    I received this question by PM and do not feel sufficiently placed nowadays to answer it: "Anyway, my question: as knowledge about selection tests (Luc Leger, pullups, 25m swim) are pretty clear and information about those can be found everywhere, I couldn't find anything about tests at the end...
  4. E

    Botswana guy eager to enlist

    Hello Any current or former legionnaires to give advice? Want to join in May. Im from, Botswana (Africa). athletically im just okay. im no superstar. ive basically tried venturing into a lot of things with n success. and obviously like most aspiring recruits ive had one or two brushes with the...
  5. SwampPearl

    Selection Experience Stories

    I did some searching around for peoples experiences during the FFL selection and I found two well written stories about their time at Aubagne. I know these stories are already on the forums, but I thought it might be easier for people to find them in one thread...
  6. legiopatrianosta

    Some Medical questions.

    So I have a question related to dentition. Well, I had braces when I was younger (Terrible dentition due to the fact that my teeth were growing faster thant the one that should fall) I have a pretty good dentition now, except the fact that the doctor left some sort of dental floss behind my...
  7. C

    Serious questions about whom the FFL will take, selection, and medical process.

    Hello! I have some very specific questions concerning the French Foreign Legion. I’m asking these questions out of genuine interest and curiosity, but also as a University Student who for some reason has an interest in how military’s handle non-citizens who wish to enlist. (Which you can...

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