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  1. M

    QUESTION Buy military boots before joining or not?

    Hello! I am from the UK and hoping to join the legion early next year. I am soon to start rucking for practice and wondering if I should expect to be allowed to use my same rucking boots in Castel? (should I pass pre-selection) I have read training for rucking using shoes not boots is better...
  2. B


    Hey guys my name is William from Australia and I want to join the legionnaires, I’ve already started training fitness and have gotten myself to a good level based on what I’ve read and the videos I’ve watched. The division I would like to be in is the sniper regime but I understand you can’t...
  3. R

    QUESTION Learning French and Military Service

    I’ve done the search on the forums and wanted a more clear answer. Apologies in advance for the time you gentlemen will take in helping clarify this. 1. I’ve downloaded the “Babbel” app and have begun practicing basic French vocabulary and pronunciation in preparation. However I don’t feel as...
  4. F

    Starting my new diet today

    Le petit corporal got some fresh veggies and some fish, I’m making leek soup today very light and refreshing.
  5. P

    QUESTION Specific Questions / My Background

    Specific Questions | Have Read Hundreds of Posts Apologies for my format, I can’t seem to have it spaced how I intended via the phone app. Age 25 American, Have tattoos that cover up scars from when I was 16. Attempting to join the FFL because the US denied me for life from “self-harm”. Just...
  6. F

    Everyday I’m closer to my goal

    I ran with my Eberlestock Skycrane 2 pack loaded 52lbs, this run was challenging I have been running everyday but only ever other with my pack. Today I am starting week three daily pack runs plus my evening slick run.
  7. F

    Final run of the day slick only waist pack

    Pushing myself to be more fit than ever before, is anyone else on here on a workout regiment?
  8. F

    The deer flys kicked my ass today

    I threw on my pack today loaded 52lbs and went for a jog/run I guess, the deer flys hit my 4-5 at a time man those little buggers hit hard. This ASICS app really helps Erin’s motivational talk really helps get through the burn.
  9. L

    Training difficulty

    Im currently 17 years old and deciding between the British army, Royal Marines and the legion, I was wondering how basic training in the legion ranks in comparison to these two in terms of difficulty. In particular the army as I assume the RM is in somewhat of its own league.
  10. R

    Combat Sports in the Legion

    Hello guys! Just a random thought. I'm pretty serious about combat sports. I've trained in boxing, kickboxing and MMA intensely over the last 3-4 years and had a few amateur fights. Does the Legion offer combat sports training? I've seen clips of boxing and BJJ in 2REP. Still, what other...
  11. B

    Feel like I am not fit enough. Please help

    Hi all, i have been a regular visitor to this website and am myself a wannabe. Just hope you guys wouldn't mind i can ask a few questions about my fitness level : I have spent a couple of weeks preparing myself physically, following Stoeng’s training program and is now on my second month...
  12. M

    Just saying hello

    Well lads im just here to say hi, and browse through all this information that has been posted by you all. That said time to start training and get Stoengs prep guide into play! Cheers
  13. E

    Salut, I'm a South African preparing to go.

    Je m'appelle Euan, I would just like to introduce myself. I am 25 years of age and preparing to join the Legion towards the end of the year or perhaps sooner should I feel the need to. I am studying French and training especially for the opportunity to be part of the Legion. I would like to...
  14. Dante Alighieri

    Oldest Volunteers?

    The Legion (officially) recruits up to age 40, depending on a range of factors. I'm nowhere near that old (32), but was wondering if the Anciens on here could offer up the oldest they've seen going through the selection and training process? I have seen on here a couple of 35 yr olds failing...
  15. L

    getting ready in 7 weeks

    Hi, I decided to try to join the legion at the 11nd of april. This means I've got only 7 weeks to get in shape. Mentally I'm in really good shape, also intelligence shouldn't be a problem. I also dont drink and dont smoke. At this moment I can do: - 2 pull ups - 25 push ups - 35 sit ups...
  16. D

    Candidates going civil after completing training?

    I would like to inquire if there are EVs’ who go civil after completing their basic training? If there are people who do this, What kind of reasons are normally given?
  17. D


    Are the recruits paid during the initial four months of training?