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    QUESTION Travelling

    I want to join the legion. But sometimes I vomit on longer travels. I can still join the legion? Or if not can I cure this illnes?
  2. N

    QUESTION Enter France from the EU

    Hey guys I'm a 21 year old Italian-norwegian that's gonna join the legion next week, already bought tickets and and done all the paperwork to travel (from Italy) I was wondering if anyone know if the french authorities let you in without problem or are they gonna send you home because you can't...
  3. L

    QUESTION Getting into France with Covid restrictions.

    It seems to be quite difficult to get into France right now, as there is a level four travel advisory for coming into the country. Also, from the French Governments website it appears there is only a select list of reason for you to be able to enter metropolitan France. Among these reasons, "In...
  4. D


    Hi there, I'm a new member here, and i'd like to ask a question. Upon searching this site a couple of weeks back, I came across a post by a guy who had been to the Legion and had dropped out. He said that speaking 2 major languages (English plus another major language) gave you a greater...

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