1. B


    So I have already purchased my flight to Paris. Leaving in few months. My question is how important is the visa? I've read info from multiple sources that yes you need one and no that you don't need one. It's kind of hard for me to get the visa paperwork accomplished due to fire season being in...
  2. IrishHermit

    Do Les Anciens keep their uniform when discharged?

    In the United States an honourably discharged service man (or woman) can keep their uniform. They are allowed to wear it on patriotic holidays, or at formal military events. I have never seen a picture that I know of a Legion veteran in uniform, only in a blazer and beret. My question is: do...
  3. Z

    The National Cemetery Myth

    The American National Cemeteries being just for the military is a myth. The National Cemeteries in the United States are taking more and more civilians and turning away certain categories of servicemen and the many honorably discharged. This is the reason we keep hearing about fundraisers to...