what do you think?

  1. Joseph Cosgrove

    ANSWERED What do you make of these two scumbags?

    Here is an article that Ossie O sent me a couple of days ago. I've had it translated by google translate, let me know what you think: The two Orange legionaries lose their lawsuit against the army Arrested, the two legionaries had reported to justice "bullying" and "violence" suffered. Their...
  2. S

    Former-KGB Yuri Bezmenov on Subversion

    The war waged is asymmetrical , just look at the western society :( Opinions on the video and its relevancy ?
  3. O

    What do you think?

    First of all, when you join the military college in Argentina they start educating cadets with things like the codes of honor, proud, the caracterestics of military profesional (like faith in god, passion for freedom etc.) Things that I think that if are necessary I don’t think that any...

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