25yr Old South African looking to join

Hi everyone,

I finally plan to follow through and head to France in roughly 4months.

Straight out of high-school being a soldier and being in the Military has always been what I’ve wanted to do. Finally after trying my hand at 9-to-5 jobs, I've decided to follow through with my first choice of the military. I don't really have anything I'm running away from, but looking more comradire and military.

Whilst doing research I've read South Africans fair well in the Legion and hope to be part of that !

Would love to hear from other Saffas

Welcome -good luck and go for it. I know from experience that in the main South Africans do well in the military.
Our/ my commando march is/was Sarie Marais. Guess where we got it from.


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Howzit Bru!
Plenty of us over there. Welcome to the forum. Fitness and French are key. Visa is a bitch but just get everything on the list and you fine.
Between the two pionniers on the picture above, is French TV host Danièle Gilbert, famous in the 70s. Kicked out of French national TV channel by the Socialists, after François Mitterrand's election as President in May 1981, because of her reputation of being a sympathiser of the previous President, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing.
One of my best buddy’s in the REP was from your home land wanted to join the Royal Marines as an officer as mother was British but he would have had to wait for the entry (think once a year) so he joins the legion top guy.

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