2e REP elements dropped between Libya and Niger


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British Para's, thus MTP aka Her Royal Majesty's Multicam?

Didn't the Para Reg recently (within the last 6 months or so) do some training with 2REP?
I'll try to upload a recent picture i received from friend who is presently a REPMAN. The fact that he his presently in service explains the black rectangles !

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We see very well on this picture the EL32 case (gaine) I was used to and discussing in previous posts, with the handle to release it before landing. Again a different system from what we see on the video of the jump on the Salvador pass. They don't seem to be using the EL33 case for the FAMAS however. On other pictures, I've seen Repmen with the weapon directly strapped under the harness of the parachute. Don't know if it's part of the “REP way of doing thingsâ€￾ or if that has become the new standard. In my view, a big dangerous as you could be hurt by your weapon upon landing, if you land sideways (which is most often the case) and fall on it.
It certainly seemed to slow the normal quick exit from the plane having to maneuver a heavy back hanging between their legs. But looks like everything has pluses and minuses.


Interesting, the guys in the center, background, isn't French Army, the Camo-pattern is different,mind telling?

I just wanted to show a picture of a true present days REPMAN : my friend is in front. Apologies for the dark rectangles.

The picture was taken during a join exercise with US paras

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I just wanted to show a picture of a true present days REPMAN : my friend is in front. Apologies for the dark rectangles.
That he and the other legionnaire needs to stay anonymous i understand. So no problems with that.

Thanks for clearing up the Nationality issue.
(...) I'm sure there are a number of ex Brit or US paras on the site that could give us the exact word... (...)
We call it a “drop bagâ€￾ in the Canadian Army and I believe that's the proper English term, makes sense seeing as how it drops between your legs just before you land. Steve would need to confirm though as my officer hands are more accustomed to touching piles of paper nowadays!
Sheath, or fourreau in French if you prefer,
are for holding blades, bayonets, dirks/daggers, sgian dhub (dirk/dagger worn by scots tucked inside of their socks)
A gaine/housse/corset...or can be a matress protection COVER (15 days taule when you pish the bed...unless you swap matress with your binôme. Ah la cameraderie... It knows no boundaries!)

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