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Jan 24, 2013
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Nice photos, thank you for posting. Is the badge with the trident for swimming or diving (recce)?

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Jul 13, 2013
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I'd say that they are old fort cannons. It would be more likely to have them lying around The citadel which is on the left of of the entrance to the bay of Calvi. This in itself was protected (watching it's back) by fort Mozzello later to become Caserne Maillebois – known by the legionnaires as fort Maillebois – from a sea invasion from the North-west side and and land invasions. Their principle role was to alert the Citadel. It was used during our time to stock ammunition.


Picture Bellow is fort Charlet which at one time (while occupied by the Legion) served as the officers mess and junior officers quarters. The fort was built later on to reinforce the coastal protection. The first company had a piste de risque with drain pipes and wire cables and ropes etc. to train in urban combat. It was then used by the PMs. I did 4 months there as a renfort PM. Each company would send one or two legionnaires there for roughly 4 months as back up to the permanent staff. The advantage was loads of extra food :) and when you were not on duty after the mornings sport, which was volley with Adjudant Toajaki (a Tahitian) you were free to do what you want ... in civvies :eek:.


In the distance you can see the light house of la Revellata which also helped to keep a look out for any Riff Raff, wanting to pillage and plunder and take advantage of the local women (today that role is done by the PMs :ROFLMAO:)

A bit of history if anyone is interested

Fort Mozello in the heart of the 1794 siege
A few decades after its construction, Fort Mozzello – which will later become the Maillebois barracks – will experience major turbulence. During the summer of 1794, Calvi is in flames. General Paoli, allied with the English, tries to take the city. But the population is resisting. While the citadel suffers most attacks, Fort Mozzello - because of its highly strategic situation - attracts the greed of the English. And in the night of July 18 to 19, the building falls into the hands of the enemy. The fights are incredibly rough. “It was during these duels of artillery that Nelson was wounded in the head by splinters of stones and that he lost then the right eye”, notes the Calvais historian Pierre Bianco. The English will release from the fort more than 8,500 balls on the city. And especially on the citadel where impacts are still visible. The Calvais were then in agony. But remained “faithful”. It is even said that during the siege, some ate cats, so much food was scarce in the upper city. Despite their courage, the Calvais will have no choice but to surrender to the enemy. And to salute their bravery, the winners of the seat will form during the surrender, a path of honor. The city will begin its English episode...

Fort Charlet from artillery to prison
Formerly known as Torretta Fort, it was built almost a century after its neighbor. Completed in 1845, it was built from the drawings of Captain Esmenard. Originally designed to accommodate military troops and a battery of artillery, Fort Charlet will undergo some changes over time. New buildings will be built. The bastion will gradually lose its defensive role. And will become at the beginning of the twentieth century, a prison.[/I]

From then on, both buildings will begin their "black" period. And the history of the forts will be combined with those of the French colonies. Many opponents including Malagasy will be imprisoned. The buildings will also serve as the disciplinary ward of the marine infantry.

Property of the CTC since 2005, the two bastions will know a new destiny. Fort Charlet, which is currently under construction, will become, towards the end of 2013, the Corsican furniture heritage conservation center. A beautiful reconversion for a remarkable witness of the history of Calvi.

On the heights of the city, two buildings contemplate the horizon. A few steps from the citadel, on their promontory, the two forts seem out of time. As if their tranquility touched the fingertips of eternity. And yet, these two huge buildings truly reflect the singularity of Calvais history. It all began in 1756 when the military engineers at the service of Genoa decided the construction of Fort Mozzello. Designed on an extremely strategic site, the building has a defensive role in the first place.

Any way, all that to say that the two cannons may have come from there :unsure:

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Nov 2, 2017
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I spent my last 5 months up at the fort before heading off to Aubagne. Chef Figgarrazi was in charge of the PM's. It was a good relaxing way to prepare for civil after 4 years in a combat company.

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