A 30 year-old legionnaire of 2e REG kills a man in Marseille

GSP. You mixing things here. It's one thing when someone steal bike on the street and its completely another when someone broke to house and torture owner to to death.
I don't know how things are in Serbia when it comes to security, but that's how it begins allowing people steal small things then they will grow more and more violent if they don't get what they want.
The first thing i noticed when i came to netherlands was that kids and elderly people were able to go to a park or a wood without any fear. Sometime that in Argentina (and i most of south america) is not the case.
Last year an American Tourist (Frank Joe Wolek) was stabbed 10 times in the chest, because they wanted to steal their camera. One theft was killed in the scene and the other was later captured. The theft said he had to stab 10 times the tourist because he was resisting!!!
I don't care if they are white,black,muslims,christing,mormons,reptilians,non binary things, etc. Stealing should not be accepted in any way.

But let's leave it here, because it's a topic that touch a nerve for me.

In better news, you are two post away from your 2000 post.


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(...) In better news, you are two post away from your 2000 post.
OMG. And I still haven’t gone to France :). When I reached about 1,000 posts someone asked what I was waiting for to go, 2,000 posts? I guess we would see that.

Security in Serbia... I guess better than South America, worse than EU. It was a bit nasty during and right after the war, now it’s better. But there is a constant threat of a new conflict.


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I still remember when you were 400 LOL
Do you? OMG I'm only now seeing that you are almost as old a member as me! I always had impression that you arrived here after me. :)

But anyway, nobody gives you hard time, (I don't think they should pal ;)). Nobody provoke you for not going, or not many of them beside me. If someone want to to attack hesitating wannabe... dusaboss is address for that!

Never mind, I would take that sacrifice for any wannabe who’s been hanging too much here. Sacrifice is a Christian attribute (not religious btw). Maybe guys on gates of Aubagne will take that in consideration. Ye, ye of course they will :). Same as most guys here (greens) care about me defending of FFL honor all the time and also their ass in prices.

Nobody cares about that. I sure that some of guys here wouldn't ever accept me as one of their, whether I serve 5 or more years or not. I'm simply not part of crew (Anglo mafia). And even worse, they think that I'm a part of ex-eastern bloc.

I don't care! My life doesn’t not evolve around this forum, but still it is one part of me.

What hurts me the most are the double standards here, but hey I guess that politics did not spare this place. Especially with older guys!
Well Dusaboss, you cranked out 2000 posts in 2 years, thats something! Dusaboss the oldies on the forum enjoy having you around more than you think, heck we've even got a F@#k you as a thumbs down thanks to you!
Now no sulking and sob stories, have another beer!мој пријатељ


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Dusaboss the oldies on the forum enjoy having you around more than you think, heck we've even got a F@#k you as a thumbs down thanks to you!
Hahah. At least you cheered me with this post :). Joseph, can you explain to him why I'm laughing about this :) ? I don't have power to do myself.
(...) Madame Butterfly was the story of a diplomat, may be UK—need your help here Chas—but he marries a beautiful Asian and she led him on for something like 20 years.

Never let see her undressed in the light. But most important of all she/HE always aligned up the torpedo to sink the......
Opera by Puccini : 1904 the Scala Milan
A short story written by John Luther Long in 1898. Turned into opera.

Very briefly as I recall. US Navy Lt. Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton arrives with his ship to Nagasaki (Japan). He has an affair with a local girl and promises marriage. The ship leaves and the girl has a baby, still believing that he will return. Meanwhile marriage brokers arrange for her to marry. After a long time Franklin's wife turns up suggesting that the baby goes to the USA with her. The local girl commits suicide.

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