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I Left school at 16, the years roll by doing all sorts of work, at the age of 24 all my friends start getting interested in fitness and a regular topic of conversation is about joining the armed forces. (A lot of them do eventually sign up)

A pathetic showing at my local track, reality dawns on me to get into shape, cut out the binge drinking and fast food lifestyle for my own good if nothing else, my interest continued growing in regards to a career in the military, I get to a good standard of fitness and apply to join the British army, fella in the recruiting office recognizes that my eyesight would be a definite problem but for some reason he said that if I have laser eye surgery they'll give me another look.

After a short period of thinking I decide that I really want it and take the plunge, have laser eye surgery in both eyes, thankfully it was successful. Unfortunately as you all probably know the British Armed Forces are a bit finicky about people who have had the procedure and prohibit them from serving.

I'm left disappointed. The years continue to roll by. Start seeing adverts and great demand for people to join the military at the gym I frequent and think that maybe requirements have changed somewhat over time, I look at the requirements and they disappointingly haven't changed which wasn't that surprising.

By chance I searched "French Foreign Legion" out of curiousity and general interest, start looking deeper into their medical requirements and am quite surprised that they seem to be more accepting of people who have had laser eye surgery.

My interest skyrockets, by now I'm 34 years of age, fitter than I've ever been in all honesty and tired of the feeling of stagnation in my life, warehousing and shelf stacking has lost its luster. Naturally I can't stop thinking about the possibility of joining the Legion and I want to see if I've got what it takes. I don't want to look back on my life and think, I wish I actually gave the Legion a shot. Champing at the bit.

I have no medical problems only my eyesight history that if I've read everything correctly shouldn't be a bar from serving.


Joseph Cosgrove

Hello kamishirov and welcome to the forum. Just remember that it is a commitment for five years. If you think that you are ready then go for it. If not, as you say, you will forever wish that you had.

Welcome to the forum. As Joe says it is a 5 year commitment. My advice is, that if you really want it, put your affairs and go for it a.s.a.p.

You only live once and you seldom get a chance to realise your dreams/aspirations more than once.

I did elsewhere and it gave me a constant sense of pride. You can if you have the real 'want factor'.

Complete your contract and you will become a member of a special club.

Good luck.

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