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Howdy folks! I'm a Navy vet like it says in the profile, 31 years old, and getting bored and frustrated with civilian life. I've thought about going into the Army to push for a retirement, but my mind keeps drifting over to the Legion. It would be much more challenging, and between my fixation on beurettes and Roman history/romance languages, it seems like it might be a better fit.

That said, a couple concerns: Regarding dental issues, it says "no decay" on the recruitment site. I've lurked this forum a bit, and gotten the impression they mean "no cavities, breaks, or other issues that preclude deployment." In my American youth, I drank *way* too much soda and have permanently stained/decalcified teeth around the areas where the braces were, so there're basically two shades of white. It's not noticeable at a glance (particularly after all the dentistry), but dentists do notice it, and it certainly counts as a form of decay. Would y'all consider this a "need not apply" condition?

The other: I'm in my thirties. I remember the old men we had in boot, and they were definitely worth their salt when they showed up fit, but that also wasn't the Legion. What are your experiences with older candidates, do they make the cut?

Thanks for your time!

Welcome to the forum. Your age will not preclude you from the Legion. However in basic you will have to endure being ordered about by young and in some cases inexperienced NCOs'. You will start at the bottom of the food chain and your contract will be for five years.

As for your dental problem I suggest you see a dentist.

Normally in training the older mature recruits have a longer staying power and a better mentality than the young Turks.

Good luck.

Chas trained by former WW2 Cdos. (And yes I am that young !)

Joseph Cosgrove

Hello and welcome to the forum. I don't think coca cola stained teeth should be a problem but it will be a dentist who decides. As for being older than the other recruits, well you will have to make that much more effort than the others because during selection you will be watched more closely. Not only for the physical side, but also for your mental attitude. Will you be willing to go running around during the day (again) for no other reason than to weed out those that can't take it?

One of the main differences between the legion and any other modern army is, if you don't make it during selection ; who cares? :rolleyes: there's no sending a letter to the government or you representative in the government or the local newspapers. If the legion does not feel as though you are going to make it, then they will not take you. It's up to you 24 hours a day while in Aubagne to convince them that you are what the legion is looking for.:cool:

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