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That warrior feeling inside of you, that both moves your life in some direction, but then it's painful when you can't fully satisfied it. Things like masculinity, brotherhood, honor, loyalty etc. I bet most, if not all of you understand me well. For the rest, it couldn't be explained with simple words.

Two times I tried joining a military unit, but I didn't succeed. First time I tried in my own country, Bulgaria, not that the force is anywhere close to the top level, but it was the 'normal choice'. I wen't through all - medical tests, iq, psycho, physical etc, got disqualified for having visible tattooes. (outdated thinking and rules in this country, what can I say..)
Second time I wanted to join a military branch in the US, no luck into getting my green card, which is necessary for a foreigner to be able to join.

So here I am, 26yo now, and despite actually doing good in life I'm just not really happy. Last few years I live in like a circle of some months a normal civil life and then always strikes me this feeling/need for military life. So far I only satisfy myself with plenty of books, memoirs, series, documentaries etc, but it's for a short time as then this feeling/need is coming back even stronger.

I'll most probably try my luck in the Legion this late autumn / winter. Both because I know fewer people try to enlist at that time of the year and because I personally prefer cold over hot, altho as a Legionnaire to be, I guess I should be ok with any weather.
The thing is, I'm superb motivated and I know(based on what I read or watch) the lack of sleep, food, the beatings etc that will follow. All of that and more I can pass, as I know me for being strongly disciplined and motivated to follow what I want(altho Im sure everyone says that for himself)... but this time just on an optimistic level I'm down, you know.

Because I know how strict the Legion is on the medical stuff, altho I'm healthy, never been sick in the past 9 years I think I have my own little problems.
- In here I read about a guy that got disqualified for Scoliosis. Altho I passed medical tests in my country, one of doctors whos job was this exact thing, told me I have it in a minor way' or something like that.
- My teeths, I don't have caries(got 2 fixed of it tooths) but I can't say I got the best smile either. (not a smoker, but I drink lot's of coffee). Are they gonna made me a problem? I don't have any missing either.
- I dont have driving license (altho I consider doing this prior of coming, but then it will be just a document, no real experience)
- And the biggest thing - I cannot swim. If there is 1 fear I have, it is deep water, especially deep wavy water... Do they teach people to swim, and how/what time they give you in the busy days, or they require this skill prior of coming?
- Another thing that should not be, but might be a problem, do they consider runes as a nazi symbols? Of course they are not and I have other nordic tats to prove they are not used in this way, but should I be worried?

Considering all of the above, as strange as it might sound, I'm both motivated, yet not really optimistic for my chances. Would be glad to receive some feedback on my issues, perhaps some advices from the more experienced people around. Congrats on the forum, it looks like a nice place to chat and share some time.
Welcome to the forum. Don't say too much. As for swimming you will be taught. Any recruit who claims not to be afraid of something is a liar.

Get fit and go for it. Your best chance for being accepted is a positive attitude and determination.

Chas- Trained by former WW2 Cdos. An old fart with a distinguished T.Shirt.

Joseph Cosgrove

Big welcome to the forum. swimming should not be a problem to begin with. But as time goes on and there is a public swimming pool very close to 1 RE barracks, they may adopt the Brit para technique and have the recruits jump in at the deep end. Albeit, the Brits have them jump off the top board.

Have your blood pressure checked before trying to join because of too much caffeine.

The biggest problem that I can see is the scoliosis, and it is a big problem. I'm not a doctor but ...Just remember if you don't make there are several others waiting to take your place.
Good luck to you.


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As for swimming you will be taught.
Actually Chas (Joe and of course ForestSoul - I wish him a welcome ) he should be worried about swimming. According to stories from guys who been there recently 8last month or two) looks like FFL introduced rule that candidates how to be able to swim.

Info is not 100% checked. but I heard already few times so there is good possibility that it's true.
Thanks for the replies. I will try find myself a swimming course this summer to at least know some basics.
I have decided that no matter all, I'd try my chances this upcoming winter.

one question about beards, is it possible to have one while in pre-selection, and shave it when you are accepted for the real training etc? Or/and while a legionnaire, at what time/year you can grow one again?


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Hi Foresoul,

I am impressed by your command of the English language. I always though Bulgarians might have a problem there. Are you sure you are genuine? How is your French?

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