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If FFL keeps rising a bar yes they can stay out of good men despite your explanation. For example if they introduce rule "no previous criminal record"

Also extremely high physical requirements will cut of many good men. FFL isn't some special unit and they don't need superman's rather men of certain kind.

I think that FFL doesn't go in that direction, but disappointed with their failure.
What failure are you talking about? It seems they are doing great. If they were short of people, they wouldn't be raising the bar. Because they took undocumented criminals in 1920, doesn't mean they have to stick to it. They are going to change things as they see fit. Right now it seems they are satisfied with the amount of people they have and can select the people they see as the best.
The demand is not very high and the supply on the other hand seems to be very high.
In most of the Armed forces in the world, unless you are very high ranking officer, you are just a number. If the numbers are low they seek more people to fill in, if they are high, then they start cutting people out.


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Ohh sorry . I missed couple words. :) " I think that FFL doesn't go in that direction, but disappointed with their failure."
Should be : " I think that FFL doesn't go in that direction, but that (false info that we get here) is winning a few unsuccessful recruits disappointed with their failure.

I guess you are right about supply-demand thing.

As for taking criminals... I don't talk about hard core criminals I'm talking about any criminal (like ..I don't know weed possession) record which prevent you for joining almost any peacetime army. Many good boys are F-up for life because of that or other stupid totally irrelevant offenses.
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They are short on frencophones and the actual tour de France (recruiters) confirms this, as does the récent pre sélection bureau in french Polynésie)
60 % Russiaphones and a lack of fidelisation ( ré enlist ment on the décline. 5 years, obtain a certificat de bonne conduite and a résidents card), is obvisouly taking it's toll. ..
The Legion will adapt
Reduction on the number of Popovs
Easier acceptance for those who parlez un peu français
They no longer take criminals....last time I went they took a hungarian from Romania who said that he cannot speak our language,a little f**king b*stard,there are plenty of them in Transilvania as hungarians hate us,the true-blood romanians. They also took two other guys from my country who complained all the time like f**king pussies about cleaning too much.I don't know the criteria but from what I've seen I think at least half of the guys they selected didn't even survive the basic training and asked to go back to their mama...
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