Best War Film


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Not a huge fan of war films (despite owning about 100 of them) but 'Where Eagles Dare' is a film I always return too.
Much prefer a Western myself.
Surprised no one has mentioned 317eme Section. Anciens would bring it up in the old movie threads, said it was a pretty good.
The third part of The Human Condition trilogy is good (well, the whole trilogy is :D). Japanese of the disintegrated Kwangtun Army trying to survive in the Manchurian wilderness while being hunted by Chinese peasant militias and Red Army Units. In some ways similar to 317eme Section.
I got it by going directly on You tube
There is a sniper scene well worth watching
Audio is shize and in German
With sub titles
it´s funny when i watch films dubbed into German...Robert De Niro sounds actually good in German. here´s a thing Le Petit, because you speak french every day do you sometimes have to think about some words in english when you write or speak english? you like have (for me the German word in my head) then think what is the english word again ?...
Think mostly in french
Haven't spoken english in years and some might say, i never have
Often it's the other way about, can't find the english word for what want to say / mean (on this forum)
Am pragmatic : if i don't know the word am looking for = probally isn't worth the mention
Talk less and listen more, is a way of life
(I do have my exceptions, of course)
The Finnish film “Talvisota” (The Winter War). One of the best war films of all time. And lest we forget the Lew Ayers version of “All Quiet on the Western Front.”

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