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Nîmes, the T.C.N. (Transports en Commun Nîmois), the local bus company is on strike => I didn't go to the camp for Camerone because of this (easy to make the going but staggering back to where I live, no thanks !).
Yesterday, due to weather conditions the annual spectacle in the Nîmes arènes (built by Roman legionnaires 2,000 years ago was cancelled). Figurines dressed as Roman legionnaires, gladiateurs fighting in the Arènes. Last year the theme was Bodicia, horses and chariots, etc.
Tomorrow is the 1st of may = (bank holiday ) No buses and even if there was to go where? Nîmes, recently, voted in the top 5 dirtiest cities of France also in the top 5 most indebted. Nîmes recently spent millions re tarmacking the roads to improve bus transport (and the bus company is often on strike... Figure that one out = the grand frère policy).
Back in the 80s, when the new mayor, Jean Bousquet (an entrepreneur born in Nîmes who created the fashion brand Cacharel) took over the city from the Communist Party, he decided to make Nîmes some sort of a rival of nearby Montpellier or even ‘hip’ cities of the Côte d'Azur like Saint-Tropez. Many events were organised with many ‘beautiful people’ invited, etc. The famous journalist Yves Mourousi got married in Nîmes in 1985 and the so-called Tout Paris (the Parisian ‘jet set’) was invited. For a while Nîmes became a very fashionable city, in particular during the feria in May (bull fight). All this came at a cost and when Bousquet retired as a mayor, the city was indeed heavily indebted and fell back into a relative obscurity.
A good article in Ouest France today
First time the Legion celebrated Camerone was in 1906, in an out post on the R.C.4 (colonial road 4, Indochine)
Ex Adj chef Ruiz of 1.BEP gets a mention too