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Coldwar Veterans

Jan 5, 2021
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Respect Chas. Don't have trouble with you. Thing is "Cold War veteran" is taken here in terms of PTSD and other bad things which have bad influence on veterans of a real armed conflict. I don't think it's fair to compare cold war with real war.
And when someone saying cold war veteran in that manner I think he is thinking like "that was war of our generation", "It was real to us" . No it's not. Cold war or political tensions are far from real armed conflict.
If I'm wrong and David was simply thinking about army veterans from period of Cold War that I apologize. But there is difference between Cold war veteran and veteran from period of cold war.
I read your words and discussed it with my mentors. We all agree and fall in to line with your views. I stand corrected, its a view we hadn't considered before. But we like it