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Dec 20, 2016
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It has been interesting to learn some of the selection and training methods of the Legion from those on this forum who know. I came out of USMC training circa mid 1960s and am aware that it has changed to that of present mid 2000. Sadly, due to US military being more of a social experiment than training war fighters for the most part. I see the benefit of the Legions inclusion of psychological testing before time/effort being spent as just as important as other aspects of the process. Assigning recruits task without providing tools (mops, rakes, whatever) and requiring task completion to perfection. In my own USMC experience I was one of 77 recruits in a platoon and there were 3 NCOs doing the training. Of the 77 recruits 10 were weeded out due to one failure or the other including 2 suicide attempts. Point being that the 3 instructors spent much of their time/focus on the doomed 10 that there was not the drama for the rest of us. In every aspect when tasks were assigned there was more than enough equipment( example, mops buckets, tools) provided to accomplish rather than the recruit having to improvise. The pressure to become qualified riflemen was tremendous and one recruit in our series ended his life with his M14 when he could not qualify. Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Cosgrove "The legion DOES need you or they wouldn't be recruiting. Now check out Stoeng's training program and make sure that you understand that it is the best way to get yourself ready for the legion. You may say to yourself that it has nothing to do with US military training and we will all agree with you." One has not to do with the other. Regards
Jan 14, 2006
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Only 7 in 100 complete RM Commando Training in their original intake/squad from the outset.That includes their PRMC selection prior to obtaining a place.
In my day there was no 4 day PRMC. They simply took the lame, halt and the blind ! That is why they took me. We had no psychological test but made to undertake a basic educational assessment.
Kind regards- Charles.

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