Finished. American society.


Actual or Former Legionnaire
Finally crossed the finish line. Returning across the Atlantic to Charleston, South Carolina. It was a great ride but I'm very very happy to finish my 5. Wondering about former Legion associations in America. I've registered with legionnaires living abroad society. If any Legion guys need help finding work after their contract they can contact me within reason.
For those Americans looking to join the Legion, especially those in South Carolina, are always welcome to contact me. I'll give my email or contact through private message.
I guess that is all.



Congratulations and welcome back. Sadly we have a dearth of Greens on the forum, so please ask as many friends as possible to consider contributing. (Pour encourager les autres qui sont aspirants.):unsure:

Kind regards and respect.



Actual or Former Legionnaire
Felicitations, and enjoy the next chapter(s) and adventures in your life.

Lots of choices out there for ex-legionnaires, have fun deciding.

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