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Joseph Cosgrove

Hello to all those people who are reading the forum and decide to join. On application you will be asked if you are an actual or former legionnaire. If you are are not, then do not tick Yes.
Because if you do, I or one of the other Mods will contact you by email and ask you (in French) for proof, which can be a waste of time. Only today - I won't mention who or nationality- I got confirmation that the person was not a former legionnaire, but was hoping to join. If that is the case, than click no.
Nb not to be confused with actual or ex military.


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.Joe, Boss, anyone, what happened with flags? That was such nice feature. Also really helpful for remembering less active guys. Is there possibility to give us that back?
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Joseph Cosgrove

Dusa, all that is down to the Boss. I agree, it also helped to know where the person is coming from to be able to relate to the post. Also the number of times the person has posted, has he just joined etc. And joining date.
From what I can gather there are still changes being made. So let's wait and see.

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