Forgive me, I have a question about eyesight.

I am so sorry to bother you. I have a question about eyesight,however.
My right eye's vision is 10/10 but my left eye's only 1/10, about -3.5 diope.
I don't have to wear glasses at all but I know this might prevent me from joining the FFL.
My question is should I try signing up with this current situation with my left eye or should I just give up and save everyone's time and money? This is I can only afford one chance to go to France.
I had messaged Chval before but I don't think he's still active on the forum. I'd be really grateful if someone can help.
Hello LeeHong,
1/10 for the left eye is not good even you see well with your right one because the French military standards do not allow to be a soldier with such eye sight. So can you explain if you can read at least big letters with your left eye or...?
Well I guess that is it for me. I'm right handed by the way but it doesn't matter any more. My left eye can only read letters if I stand really close to them. Say I can't read those huge neon signs on the street with my left eye. Everything is blurred.


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This info was included in attachment of e-mail sent by recruiting office of FFL. I
dont`t understand what those other numbers mean but there is mentioned
correction in dioptres of -10, sounds bit heavy to me.

2 – Medical aptitude:

Minimum visual acuity:

* uncorrected: minimum 0,5 for each eye

* corrected: or [7/10 and 2/10], or [6/10 and 3/10] or [5/10 and 4/10] (total: 9/10
with the two eyes)

Correction in dioptres:

* near-sighted: -10

* far-sighted: +8

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