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OK not really topic, but it's kinda similar.

Joe what Thai media they say about kids trapped in cave? I think that Thailand authorities handling this situation very poorly. I got impression that they because of pride rejecting international help or won't admit that they need help and ask for it.
Let's just hope that some of those kids won't die because of someones national pride

First, how the F they even found them self in that cave?!? Is that trainer nuts? Only reasonable explanation would be that flash flood filled the cave in matter of minutes.

Second about poorly guided rescue operation. They had some volunteers actually pumping water in to cave instead of out! :) How that could happen for god sake?

Then we have Thailand's navy diver dying because he didn't have enough oxygen. I mean he is brave man, he was willing to help and sacrifice himself in process, but this looks to me like he wasn't trainer for this situation. I mean sure, he was something like Thai seal, but I really doubt that they have cave diving as part of training. I think that they don't have one trained cave diver there. And that is extremely dangerous and specific kind of diving. You can send someone who never didn't do it.
I mean, there is many professional cave divers in the world willing to help just if someone asked, but as I said nacional pride prevailed. Let's just hope that this would not and badly because of someone's incompetence.

Joe go there and save those kids ;)
Neymar to the rescue


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Man I'm sick of football players simulations, screaming , face full of pain etc.

Of course we alway had simulations in football, but in recent years they really exaggerating to the point where game looks silly.

Can't FIFA do something about? I mean is not only that certain players do that, its more of a norm in modern football
Can't FIFA do something about? I mean is not only that certain players do that, its more of a norm in modern football
No, why would do something. It's part of the sport... That's how they get advantage. Acting first class. From 1 to 8 how do you fell today?? MMD_1043034_0cd31560f28649b1856c8e97d6864c96_futbol_en_la_escala_de_neymar_como_te_sientes_hoy.jpg

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